Saturday, December 16, 2006

Now I'm pissed off.

I had submitted this blog to a blog roll and was told no because it wasnt up to date. That kind of pisses me off cause they didnt look at it completely. If they did they would know that there were more entries in the month of December 2006 then any other month since I started it. Anyways, in other notes, I have been reading and working through the book "Dreams have No Expiry Date a Practical and Inspirational Way For Women to Take Charge of their Futures" by Gottlieb and Rosenswig. And it is a very powerful guide. I am roughly midway through this book and I am having to admit that one of the key things I need to ownup to is that I dont like acting. I hate being an actress. Which is probably why the latest film production is hitting so many road blocks. Granted my health problems (the car accident) and my money problems are major reasons why this film isnt moving. But another reason is the simple fact that I just hate the entire acting process. I love being behind the scenes, I love being infront of a photographer, infact I never thought I would like modeling so much but I just love it! I love the editing process of film work, but just hate acting. I had gotten into broadcasting 12 years ago because I liked working with the news. I miss reporting, and documentary work. If you are stuck in your life pick up this book!

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