Tuesday, January 09, 2007

From the Vaults

Because this just isn't working on our main page, I put a copy of it here.

See No Evil

I just rented the movie SEE NO EVIL from WWEFILMS and it was such a let down. After months of previews that looked slick and interesting, this film didn't live up to it's own hype. The action starts off with two cops finding a girl being held by a crazy guy who hacks them up. Four years later a group of teens spend a weekend in an old building where this crazy guy is hiding. A mindless slasher movie that promises alot of horror but turns soft at the end. The writers/producers should have made up their minds if the character played by WWE's Kane was suppose to be evil or if we should feel sorry for him. The twist at the end isn't much of a twist and it just seems to undo what the rest of the movie was trying to do, which was creep the viewers out. This movie does however show that if Kane were given a better script could be a major movie star.