Sunday, November 19, 2006

Martini Blue: Misadventures in Flower Delivery

This is one that used to be under my blog Martini Blue, but I have decided to just copy it all here and get rid of that blog.

Room Service...Candygram...Landshark!

Okay these are old posts from a blog that I was having troubles with so I will start by just coping them here for now....

  • hey, its supper time here, 6:17pm on a monday. the weekend sucked as usual, and its been raining all day here. why did i call it martini blue? it has to do with something that was a happier time for me. has to do with a friend whom i miss.
  • anyone who knows me, knows why i call this place the Tip of Lake Crap! and that goes for anyone who lives here too, not only does this city smell (the north side of town blames it on the paper mill the south side of town blames it on the harbour) but there is nothing to do in this place. what are we famous for? nothing as far as i can tell, just a giant chunk of rock out in the lake shaped like a sleeping giant, and what did they call it? The Sleeping Giant! how orginal! and therefore everything in town has the sleeping giant in its title. how clueless can the people around here be? well, considering that streets dont flow in any proper order, they jump from numbers 77 to 349, and there is hardly any east or north listings around here, just streets when you can find a street sign.

    heres my pic copyright hcvp 2005

  • its fishguts day, the grocery just 4 buildings down had their daily delivery of seafood, and the smell of it lingered on the air all morning, the sounds of the birds as they cried to each other, swooping and diving for their happymeals between the dumpsters and the weekly trash. bold in their own design as they stare each other, and the cars down marking their territory with fallen feathers. beware the crows for they might try to beat you to it, to your free dinner here on fishguts day as you little Sully sit in flocks of 20 or more infront of the grocery and on its roof.

    copyrite hcvp 2006

  • From the Hearts Florist 567 Memorial Avenue 345-3652 mon-fri 9am-6pm sat 9am-5pm
  • Vaillant Florist 178 Algoma Street North 345-4245
  • Mama Alfa's Pizzeria 4-135 Frederica East 623-4567
  • Red Earth Imports 194 Algoma Street South
  • the other part of the crimefighting (flower delivery) duo. shes the wheelman, i am just the navagator.

    coptwrite hcvp 2006

  • the days sometimes float by becoming one large hour. and on those days nothing seems to go right. we have had crazy weather, with it foggy and raining alot. When doing flowers, weather is your worst enemy, that and time. But there are moments when this city is pretty.

    copywrite hcvp 2006
  • Thats how I am feeling about yesterday's deliveries. Not the deliveries themselves, but one of the workers from one of the shops. I have been working with/for my aunt's company now for 3 years, my cousin started to work 2 months ago. We are both able to handle the amount of flowers/fruit baskets that are produced. Unlike other delivery companies we work some nights untill 10pm. Yesterday we were the only ones doing the deliveries, my aunt had a doctor's appointment in the middle of the day. My cousin and I were left in charge of things. The one worker who puts together the batches of flowers phoned just before my aunt went off to her appointment to see what time it was scheduledfor. Then suddenly there was nothing to deliver for over an hour. Empty shop. That shouldn't have been considering there is a major funeral this week. Then we got a van full at one time. No worries we are professonals we have done this before. My aunt came back to work after her doctor's appointment and things were going swell till the phone started ringing. It was the one worker suddenly asking if house #427 StreetNameHere was done yet? I said we are at their door right now doing it. 20 minutes later the phone rings again, and it's her again wanting to know where we are. I tell her on our way to the shop, she tells me not to bother there are no more for the day. All is fine, we now have half a van for the funeral from the other shop, so funerals come first. Then the phone rings again and it's her again. My aunt answered that time and she trys to say that there was a rush order that didnt get done that had been put on the van 3 hours before. My aunt tells her that she picked up that order herself and it did not have "RUSH" listed on it, nor was it 3hours before. Plus we were behind because this worker had the wrong address and name listed on one order. Her screwup and need to control everything blew up in her face.

  • On Sept 1 2006 I was in a car accident while doing the flowers with my cousin. He was driveing, I was the passanger when a pickup druck came flying down the street and right into my side of the van. I ended up with a collapsed lung, mutlible broken ribs, a broken shoulder and thumb. I have been told I shouldnt be walking yet, but I am. After spending 7 weeks in hospital I was released home. It could take a full year to recover, and needless to say, I am done with flower deliveries. Therefore this is the end of this blog. Thank you and good day.
These blogs were orginally written between April 4 2006-Nov 4 2006.

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